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Welcome to LAB Open, the open access publishing platform of LAB University of Applied Sciences.

In LAB we have a clear goal. We want to be the number one innovation focused University of Applied Sciences changing entire working life in Finland and internationally. Our aim is to be an active influencer in the processes that result with new jobs and increase the number of higher educated experts in our working life.

The results are achieved in close cooperation with our regional, national and international partners in our focus areas: Sustainability, Design, Innovations and Health. We are convinced that joint activities in education, research, development and innovation make the difference.

Reliable publications provide the most powerful source of value for individuals, companies and the whole society. LAB Open promotes the Open Science and Research agenda and LAB´s values in practice. Our values encourage us to be bold, actively search for new challenges and expect to be challenged by others.

LAB Open is not all about us but also you, your company, organization and challenges. All those are great sources for dialogue with our experts and experts around the world. You can also challenge us with new ideas related to publications and journals.

Take your time and check out our publications. Our journals LAB Pro and LAB RDI Journal will provide you most recent topics and knowledge related to our focus areas including perspectives from education, research, development and innovation activities. Share, quote and comment publications openly. Do not hesitate to contact our experts directly. LAB Open is an excellent platform for all that.

In March 2020,

Henri Karppinen
Editor-in-Chief, Vice President
LAB University of Applied Sciences